When Havok was 5 months old he was attacked by 3 of his original owners adult dogs, who did their best to dismember him. One had his head, one had his rib cage and one had him by the back leg. One dog had torn his rib cage completely away from his sternum and punctured his lung, another had partially severed both ears, and the third had done significant damage to his rear leg, in addition to general cuts and lacerations all over his body. Havok was rushed to a vet who did an exceptional job of putting him back together. Externally the only sign of this attack is a notch missing from one ear. Havok is still social with other dogs, an excellent jumper, and appears to be solid both physically and mentally. Internally you can see the damage done. The xrays below show the wires that were put in to hold his chest back together and the calcification on one hip from where the bone and/or muscle was injured and healed.
Eventually these injuries started to catch up with Havok, as we started training for the higher levels of FR I noticed if he came off a jump wrong, or took a hard hit/jam in the protection, he didn't bounce back from it right away. He wouldn't obviously act like anything happened, but he'd start to have a harder time with the jumps that day, or trot back on a recall from an attack instead of run, etc. I decided to retire him before any further wear and tear damage was done, and we began to pursue other lower impact venues.